Successful portraits are the combination of many key elements. Expression, design, lighting, art and more. Over time they only get more valuable. After all, a photograph is worth how many words?


Children. Do NOT practice smiling. That will get those "cheesy" smiles. Just let kids know that we are going to have fun when Norm "makes" a picture. Parents and grandparents are going to watch me the whole time so I can interact with the kids. Kids sense our feelings, so relax, remain calm, talk in soft tones, and I'll get the expressions at the right time. Avoid the trap of 10 adults from all angles instructing a child. They need to interact with the photographer.


Dads & Grandpas. We "macho" guys need to smile. Our expressions are never as animated as what we think. Go with the flow and the girls in your life with love you more for it.


Makeup. Again, keep it natural. Just enhance features a little.


Complexion. No problem! Retouching can easily make imperfections disappear. Corrective artwork is also available for those difficult situations.



Hair. Avoid the temptation to try a new hairstyle in a traditional style of portrait. It is better for the real you to come to your portrait session. Guys, if you have a heavy beard a light shave can help.


Braces. Smile! They can be removed with special artwork, or, book your session after the doctor has completed your work.


Weather. No matter what the forecast, keep your session.

Some of my best work has emerged even when the weather was questionable.


Props. High school seniors are welcome to bring your band instrument or other props important to you to include in your portrait--even a car.


Have Fun! How you feel will come out in the photograph. Besides, making great photographs is fun. I want to capture the personality of you or your family members. This comes out in the expression. The expression is not something we can try to accomplish; when I see it I capture it.

Copyright 2019 Norman L. Rehme